Abused Pharmaceutical Substances Brochure

The Abused Pharmaceutical Substances brochure is designed to be a field reference for law enforcement officers across the country. NADDI has dispensed over 800,000 of these brochures to officers throughout the United States.

Click on Abused Pharmaceutical Substances to view a sample of this brochure.

Law Enforcement officers interested in obtaining free copies of the brochure should send the request on their agency letterhead to:

NADDI Brochures
PO Box 611
Manchester, MD 21102

The request on letterhead can also be scanned and emailed to 

NADDI cannot deliver the brochures to a post office box and can only accept an original of your request on your agency's letterhead. Faxes are not permitted.

On your request please list only the number of brochures you really need and will use. NADDI will honor requests up to 100 brochures. There is no charge for the brochures or shipping to law enforcement agencies. 

These brochures are available through a grant provided by Purdue Pharma L.P.


"Any criminal act involving a prescription drug."